Learning from movies.

Dr. J. W. Wiley’s blog post offers a list of several movies which make him cry. This list includes the movie title and the specific scene in which the author cried.  At the end of the post, Dr. Wiley asks his readers “if other men cry as much” and “is crying a gendered emotion.” The comments proceed to extend his list as each responder lists movies scenes in which they cried. They also justify each other that it is normal cry in these movies.

So you must be thinking “why post this if it has nothing to do video games?” Let me answer you, Video games are made for people and people includes Dr. Wiley and his reader. Psychology plays a big part in crafting a video game. That is why we can benefit as game designers by looking at these emotional movie scenes and understanding how they were able to make their viewers cry.

The post itself is poorly formatted. Every paragraph in the list begins with “every time I see ” X … I cry.  There is no indentation within the paragraphs and on the whole hard to discern paragraph from paragraph.

If you ignore the formatting you will see a very rich data mine. A list of situations that made the author cry is very valuable in understanding how to evoke emotions. These situations can be watched and studied so that game designers can mimic and replicate the same scenes in their own game. The comments extend the list the author provided and can give even more insight into the psychology behind the movie scenes.

As a game designer you have to “look outside your field in order to find great experiences” that you can put into your games. These experiences are what make games so thrilling to create.


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